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Thank you for your interest in Supreme Nutrition Products. As one of a half dozen or so product developers for Supreme Nutrition as well as being involved with quality control I wanted to give you a little bit of history and philosophy of the company. Back in 2006 and even before that, I found that many of my patients suffered from subclinical infections of various fungi, parasites, virus, bacteria, etc.We had been treating these type issues since the 1980’s but more recently had found that they were becoming harder and harder to eradicate and that previously used natural methods and products were not as successful as they once had been. Vacationing on Kauai that year and being exposed to leptospirosis and various fungi I found that eating noni that was picked a little green and then dried proved successful in preventing these infections in myself (I was quite prone, especially to the fungi, so it was surprising it worked so well). When I returned home to Colorado I bought many noni products that were available on the market both liquid and pills but unfortunately from an applied kinesiological standpoint, they did not test helpful to my patients and didn’t test as well as what I had found on Kauai. With much searching I found a supplier that did harvest some that tested well and on experimentation found it performed very effectively. I was unable to find a company interested in marketing this. I went to my friends at Mid American Marketing who manufactured magnets we used in our testing and they said they would give it a try. Being a purist and perfectionist it took much searching to find an encapsulator to meet our needs. 98% of the encapsulators appear to add either fillers, binders, flow agents, etc. to the encapsulation process. These agents speed up the process to make it more cost effective, fill up the capsules tighter, etc. We had found though that in many cases they decreased absorption or added unwanted materials to the product rendering it less effective in our opinion.

Some encapsulators didn’t have the expertise to do it without these agents, while others didn’t want to slow the encapsulation process that much.

Finding an encapsulator we began with Morinda Supreme and the market was doctors who utilized applied kinesiology since they could test it as we did and fi nd that kinesiologically it most often tested superior to other brands of similar products. This small 2 family business slowly started adding more antimicrobials and other products that fi lled niches I needed in my practice. Agents that chelated chemicals and metals, endocrine adaptogens, more antimicrobials, nutrient dense foods, herbs with anti-coagulant properties, etc. etc. Adding products has been a slow process as it is hard to fi nd suppliers who have raw materials that pass our inspection process.

In the US, products are routinely tested for mold count, metals, etc. to protect the public from contaminated material and they are processed in GMP facilities. This is a very valuable and effective process. Supreme goes a step further and when we get raw materials in, we try to get as many samples as we can from as many companies as we deal with. We then blindly test them on a random group of patients and others with applied kinesiology. Often we fi nd a sample even if labeled organically grown doesn’t pass our tests. Be it chemical contamination, or microbial contamination with substances not checked for by GMP, or it was harvested at the wrong time, or had improper storage, was old and lost potency, etc. it is hard to discern. But if it doesn’t pass our tests we reject it. Cost is not a factor in making the determination. As a result many herbs that looked promising as products that have passed lab tests, we have never come out with as they failed our tests. When we run out of a given product and need a new supply we go through the exact same process again as suppliers often change sources.We would rather run out of supply than make a batch that failed our tests. On the average I would say that I reject about 60-70% of the samples I test.We feel that by adding this testing to raw material selection, the product will be of superior quality and perform on patients better. Literally hundreds of doctors have agreed with us.

With the main demographic being physicians who practice applied kinesiology, other AK teachers have offered ideas and come up with products we were able to produce and we welcome your ideas.We have recently found many of the lyme literate medical doctors have been adding our products to their protocols also.

So what in our opinion makes Supreme different?

1) Raw material selection must also pass applied kinesiological evaluation as do the capsules, etc.

2) No fi llers, binders, etc. added. This gets harder and harder and even many raw materials are diluting their “natural, organic” products with maltodextrin to prevent caking. As a result we had to drop a few raw materials from our products.

3) We supply free test kits with your first order. Also every time a product comes from a new batch we supply a new test vial to replace the old one so you are testing what you have in stock. This is incredibly important and I do not think most companies do that.

4) Most of our products only have one ingredient as that way we are not doing a shotgun approach but supplying the ingredient that will be most effective. For instance in killing a parasite, it is in our opinion better to give the one herb that tests effective as opposed to a product with many ingredients some of which may be effective and some not effective. Thus there may not be enough of the effective ingredients to make a real change with the patient.

5)We do not used standardized herbs that have undergone processing (often unnatural) to alter the ratios that naturally occur in the product but keep our products as natural as possible.

6) Most of our products are organic and/or wildcrafted but occasionally one that is not certified will out test and outperform ones that are so again our testing is the bottom line.

7) No vitamins, minerals, amino acids, alcohol, etc. are used in our products.

For a short synopsis of each of our products see review the Key Indications of Supreme Nutrition Products. Or, for more details, please review the Clinical Indications of Supreme Nutrition Products, written by Dr. Michael Lebowitz D.C. For which products are contra-indicated during pregnancy and breast feeding click here.

Our clinical research staff can be reached with questions, ideas, feedback, etc at Orders can be placed through Supreme Nutrition Products at 1-800-922-1744 for any of the products.

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